Category Service: Consultancy

MEP Engineering

A HEALTHY BODY WILL NEED A GOOD HEART/FUNDAMENTAL INSIDE  MEP is considered as a backbone & blood vessels of an office project. We design MEP systems compatible with based provisions of the building so as to meet your criteria in terms of operation/ functionality and complied to the local regulations of health & safety. Our [...]
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Project Process & Budget

AN INFORMATIVE PROJECT’S LIFE We will lead you through the project life-cycle from the initial phase to the completion phase. As understanding your requirements, we will consult the range of cost estimations so that you would conduct a strategic investment plan in terms of CAPEX for your projects.
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Test Fits

TRANSFORM YOUR SPACE TO MEET CURRENT AND FUTURE BUSINESS NEEDS As the word simply describes itself - “test if it fits” - we transform your stated needs into a lettable space at your desired buildings so that you would be able determine whether this space will best suit your requirements. Furthermore, with the experience of [...]
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