[Library] Cossette Offices – Vancouver

Cossette Offices – Vancouver

LocationVancouver, Canaha

Cossette recently relocated their 6th floor office in historic Yaletown to the 4th floor of the same building to both accommodate the growth of the firm and to better meet the needs of their employees. Their existing office had limited options for meeting and work spaces. Providing a number of multi-use and flex spaces to allow for creative collaboration among staff was an important goal for the new space.

A versatile lounge/meeting space features bleachers where the entire team can gather for townhall meetings and can also be used as informal meeting space throughout the day or as a large private function area. Meeting booths and soft seating nooks were created and are a favourite meeting spot for teams to come together, building a sense of community in the workplace. The playful culture at Cossette is echoed in the lounge where ping-pong and pool tables take centre stage among a mix of casual seating and work spaces. It’s a place where staff can connect and let their creativity flow, free from the confines of a desk.