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Library | The Kitchen FoodTech Hub Offices – Ashdod

Date 2016
LocationAshdod, Israel

The Kitchen – FoodTech Hub is a part Technological Incubators Program, founded by Strauss Group and Chief Scientist at the Israeli Ministry of Economy and Industry. Placing the kitchen at the center of the workspace is a reminder that it is the heart of the FoodTech Hub’s research.

The kitchen is spacious and open, contoured by a red light fixture that defines the space and has a large wooden table at its center. This environment creates interesting social opportunities of idea sharing, and a potential for a more collaborative and innovative working process. The private working rooms partitioned with glass so the center of the office can also be viewed, connecting the interior with the exterior, without losing the sense of privacy. A smaller quiet-room, dedicated to non-formal meetings and a place to zone-out during the day, is located right by the kitchen.

The office design is a combination of materials and graphics, concrete walls, alongside red colored pipe system and light fixtures. these elements together tell a story of a company that leads the way for development and constant innovation.