[Library] Nimble Storage Offices – San Jose

Nimble Storage Offices – San Jose

LocationSan Jose, California, United States

Having previously completed the Market Ready upgrades to a campus on River Oaks Parkway in San Jose, Studio G Architects was invited to compete for the tenant improvement for Nimble Storage at a time of significant growth for the company. At the time the project was being designed, Nimble Storage was pre-IPO, and preparing to take their company public. Accordingly, cost was an important driver, but as with any Silicon Valley tech. company, attracting the right talent is also critical. The office design is an important part of creating a compelling value proposition for current and prospective employees.

Programming the spaces required careful attention to the balance between efficient optimization of adjacencies, and the anticipated growth plans for the company. Accordingly the major functions like labs, break room and data center were fixed early, and flexible office space was provided in an expandable configuration.

The idea of serendipitous interaction was important to the Nimble Storage team – encouraging people to interact both formally and informally. This led to a design incorporating a kind of “main street” circulation, with associated collaboration spaces. The use of color both on walls and in the carpet pattern reflected the difference between quiet spaces for focused work, and more public, open, and potentially less quiet areas.

Since completion of the original TI, Studio G has continued to help Nimble Storage expand and evolve the space as their company grows.